Microsoft Updates Zune, to Support WiFi Downloads and Streaming

9 September 2008 By Madhur


Microsoft Zune

One of the things which sets Microsoft Zune apart from Apple iPod is its Wireless feature. Previously it was limited to syncing movies, music and photos with user’s PC and to share songs between Zune owners. Microsoft has announced that they will be updating there Zune player thus enabling it wirelessly download and streams songs in presence of WiFi networks.

Users with WiFi access will be able to buy songs which they listen over the Zune’s FM radio if they are available in the Zune’s online market place. In the presence of a WiFi hot-spot, users will be able to browse to Zune market place, search for the song they want and download it to there Zune. They can buy one tune at a time or an upgrade Zune pass subscription for $15 a month will give them access to every song in the catalog and also enable them to steam music. An updated Zune with 120 GB Hard Drive will also be released by Microsoft for a price of $250.

The new update will be available on September 16. Microsoft have not enjoyed the same success with Zune as Apple have with iPod. And that might increase as Apple will announce there new product lineup today.

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