LG Launches Lotus Clamshell Fashionable Handset

12 September 2008 By Madhur


LG Lotus Handset

LG has launched there new Lotus phone which is very stylish and has got a fashionable look. And why shouldn’t it be, it has been made in partnership with fashion designer Christian Siriano so it would be definitely make a style statement. The design is very unique and it looks like the phone may be targeted towards the ladies.

It is a flip phone and it opens up to a full QWERTY keyboard with a square design which seems a bit strange at first sight. It has a highly customizable user interface called One Click which makes sending SMS, accessing Internet, email etc much easier. Other than that, it has all the basic features such as a 2MP camera with video recording, external keys for music control, FM Radio, integrated GPS, stereo Bluetooth and microSD card support. It has a wireless backup feature for safekeeping the contact list in case it gets stolen. It has a pixel resolution of 176 X 220 and an internal display of 240 X 320 pixel resolution.

The phone will be launched in US exclusively with Sprint and it is highly unlikely that we are going to see it here in India. But who knows ?

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