LG Dynamite KP199 Low Cost Phone Launched

4 September 2008 By Madhur


LG KP199

Even though we may be seeing mobile phones with 8MP camera and very advanced features right now, there are people who still prefer simple phones. LG have made an addition to there Dynamite series with the launch of KP199. It is a low cost entry level handset especially made for the Indian audience, especially for those who are looking for a phone with less fancy features and more powerful battery.

This low cost handset still has a lot of nice features to impress the audience. The screen is 1.8 inch TFT with 128 X 160 pixels and 65k colors. It also comes with a simple VGA camera that can also record video. For entertainment purpose, it also has a music player along with FM Radio. Other features include Bluetooth, tri band GSM connectivity, Web Browser, SMS/MMS, USB etc. One unique feature of this phone is that it comes with Anti-theft Mobile Tracker. If anyone steals your phone and inserts a new Sim inside it, the phone will automatically send out messages to two prestored number mentioning the location and phone number of the Sim card. This will be repeated whenever the phone is used. The phone has an inbuilt memory of 60 MB which is also good considering the latest phones have memory of around 50 MB.

The LG KP199 is available at the price of Rs 4,390. Not a bad price to pay for simple phone with a lot of features.

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