Kingston Launch HyperX Pen Drives

22 September 2008 By Madhur


Kingston DT HyperX USB Drive

Kingston is going to expand there line Flash Drives with the arrival of DataTraveler HyperX “DT HyperX” model. The new model is available in the capacity of upto 8GB and Kingston has said that it gives ultra fast read and write speed. Kingston are saying that these new USB drives are targeted towards gamers, over-clockers and tech enthusiasts.

So if you always get tired of the waiting for the data to finish copying on your USB drive, then you will be happy with this one. It gives a read speed of 30MB/sec and write speed of 20MB/sec. It can run on any Windows platform and it has been optimized for Windows Ready Boost feature on Vista, that means it can also work effectively as a temporary RAM on PCs running Vista and having the ReadyBoost feature enabled. But i fail to see how gamers are going to find it useful. The design of this USB drive is not that great, very simple.

It comes with a backup warranty of 5 years along with free technical support. It is a bit expensive and the prices of 2GB, 4GB and 8GB versions are Rs 3,860 , Rs 6,500 and Rs 11,115.

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