iPhone Awareness: Your iPhone Is Watching You!

12 September 2008 By Ankit Duseja

iPhone-tracking So have you bought a new shining iPhone? You think its truly an amazing device without which you just can’t live now? Then hold on for a minute and read this article. Do you know your iPhone actually tracks your activities and keeps a record of everything you did on your phone or every application that you have opened (and closed).

This feature is not intentionally created by Apple but it is in existence just because of the cool animations that come on your iPhone. Sounds strange? Well every time when you close an app iPhone shows a zooming animation and then enters the main menu. But to preview that zooming animation, your so-called great iPhone takes a screen-shot of application on which you were on.

This screen-shot is deleted but as we know nothing gets permanently deleted from a storage disk until the data is over-written in the same sector of the disk or until you physically damage your disk.

Thus iPhone leaves a record of your activity in form of screen-shots which can be easily taken back by data some recovering utilities. Currently there is no way to bypass this so next time if you are sending an abusive mail from your iPhone, be careful.

This adds another point on “Why not to buy an iPhone“.

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