Intel Dual Core Atom Processor now Shipping

23 September 2008 By Madhur


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Most of the Intel Atom Processors were designed for the inexpensive netbooks but the Intel Dual Core Atom processors have been designed for the low cost desktop or what we can call as “nettops” computers. Intel has started the shipping the dual core atom processor called the Intel Atom Processor 330.

It is the first processor from the Atom’s line to have two processing cores. Similar to netbooks, the nettops powered by these will be affordable by a wide variety of audience. So these will will help promote the PC as well as serve as a good option for those who need a second PC at home. The Intel Atom processor has a clock speed of 1.6 GHz along with 1MB of L2 cache and a 533 MHz FSB. Similar to other Atom processors, it is built using the 45 nanometer building process. It will also support the DDR2 memory.

The price of the chip is $43 when brought in quantities of thousand. Computers powered by this will be available by the end of this month.

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