HP EliteBook 6930p to Deliver 24 hours of Battery Runtime

9 September 2008 By Madhur


HP EliteBook

One of the main features which we look for in a laptop is its battery power. Normally Laptops give around 3-4 hours of run time with default battery which can be extended to 6-9 hours by using a strong battery. HP is claiming that there new EliteBook 6930p configured with an ultra capacity battery will deliver upto 24 hours of battery run-time.

The secret behind the efficient battery is the combination HP engineering and energy efficient notebook components such as mercury free LED display and Intel’s Solid State Hard Drives. This new LED display can increase the battery time by upto 4 hours as compared to traditional LCD displays and the hard disks increases the battery performance by 7 percent. Since mainly this Laptop will be used by frequent travellers, it comes with shock resistant hard drive, spill resistant keyboard to protect data from bumps and spills. It also meets the military standard and can operate under extreme temperatures and can withstand vibrations. It will weight 2.1 Kgs and will come with a 14.1 inch widescreen display with an option to upgrade to mercury free display.

The HP EliteBook with the new Intel SSD’s will be available from October. The price is not yet known. It can become an instant hit with corporate people who like to travel a lot.

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