Google Enters Washington, promoting Apps to Government

30 September 2008 By Ankit Duseja


Google is planting a new Google Office (mini google-plex) in Washington DC. The office main aim is to promote Google Apps in Governmental Organizations nearby. The tall buildings that surround the Google’s new building are of big government contractors: Northrop Grumman, CACI, Raytheon and Accenture.

The only clue that is available that hints that its Google who is planting the new building there, is a small listing on the building’s tenant directory. This is great way of promoting your products, if you know that this city has the potential then just plant another branch of your company there.

The aim is quite clear, Google wants to capture the federal market and want the government contractors to use their services and computing power for storing Government’s Sensitive data. He wants that these agencies should taste the power of cloud computing.

The companies team consisting of 18 members is still working to make the place workable. Google may be one of the most popular brands worldwide but the Googler’s still face blank stares in regions like Washington DC.

If we talk about the Google’s earning from this step, they charge about $50 per user. And the once this office complete it goals Google is surely going have big profits, as these companies are not Government but they serve to Government on contracts. So Google have good chance to raise their profits. Must say, nice move Google! (via Washington Post)

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