Firefox 3.1 to Include Private Browsing Mode Finally

14 September 2008 By Ankit Duseja

Privacy mode is not a new dish but has become a important part of diet for browsers. It has been existence since a long time in Safari, then finally being adopted by others. Few days ago Microsoft announced InPrivate mode for Internet Explorer 8, then Google Chrome introduced Incognito Mode and finally now its the turn of Mozilla Firefox.


Till now this feature lacked in Firefox but again a plugin named as Close’n Forget came to the rescue. The plugin just does the work what its name claims. You browse your private session without any worries, and just close the browser. No history, bookmarks, cookies or passwords will be saved. But what if it gets inbuilt in the Firefox? It will be available on any computer having Firefox without the need of installing a special plugin for it.

After Firefox, the only one left without the Private Mode is Opera. Opera is surely a nice, simple and fast browser but it needs this feature to compete with others. Private Mode has become a necessity for browsers as other features like Tab Browsing, Popup Blocker, etc.

The uses of this feature are endless, some of them are: If you need to do online shopping, or would like to browse anonymously or most popularly its known as porn mode as its most used for visiting porn sites.

Mozilla got very late in getting this but finally we will not need another browser or plugin for Private Browsing. However it was also expected with Firefox 3.0 but Mozilla didn’t felt the need that time. Finally when Google attacked with Chrome, Firefox is felt the heat of competition and thus now it just does not want to leave any loop whole.

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Well, Safari has had a provate browsing mode for a long time. So Opera isn’t the only one.

oh damn, scrap that last comment please, i misread the line about Opera. My Apologies.

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