EKA Field Ready GPS Camera Now Available in India

8 September 2008 By Madhur


EKA GPS camera

The Field Ready GPS Camera from from EKA which has been very successful in USA, Europe and Far East has finally been launched in India. The unique thing about this camera is that it can be used in different types of environment to tag the pictures it takes with local coordinates and altitude along with Date/Time.

It will find a lot of use in construction activity like laying up water pipes, erecting cell towers etc. The engineers can use it to take the photograph of construction site. The photograph will contain the information such as latitude, longitude, altitude along with Date and Time. The pictures can then be loaded into computers and can be linked to softwares such as Google Earth. This will give them a better estimate of there work. The camera is 8 MP and comes with Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.It can also work in dusty areas and is also rain resistant and water proof.

This device is being used in a lot of countries in the fields of defense, planning, construction, land survey etc. It can surely become popular among construction engineers.

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