Ctrl-Tab brings Alt-Tab Switching to Firefox

14 September 2008 By Ankit Duseja


We all are familiar with Alt-Tab and Win-Tab Functionality in Windows and we surely so use it hundreds of times in a day (atleast a geek does). What if we had similar functionality in Firefox. But unluckily this thing didn’t stuck Mozilla guys. But remember the Firefox plugin’s (the soul of Firefox) let a third party developer, Dao Gottwald develop this functionality in Firefox.


As the name says this plugin uses the Ctrl-Key for its operation instead of Alt or Win Key. It has same feeling as of switching in windows but the difference here is it switches Firefox Tabs rather than the windows.

It not only sports Ctrl+Tab functionality but also it has cool Tab Preview function which displays the previews of currently open tabs in a neat searchable way. The best thing about Tab Preview is the search. It consist of a search which is very similar to Firefox search for web pages but what it does is filters the tab previews. It get very handy if you are running a big number of tabs simultaneously.

The extension still needs lot of improvement. After running the Tab Preview function, I saw some blackening spots in browser. Also its shortcut for Tab Preview (Ctrl+Shift+A) collides with All-in-one-sidebar add-on’s window shortcut. You will have to change the shortcut for all-in-one-sidebar add-on’s though a new shortcut for Tab Preview has been introduced in the current release of this plugin. The new shortcut is (Ctrl+Q), sweet and simple.

Download Ctrl-Tab Firefox Plugin.

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