Asus N Series notebooks – Combination of Style and Technology

23 September 2008 By Madhur


Asus N Series

Asus’s N Series of notebooks is the perfect combination of Style and Technology. Not only do they look stylish, but they are also powered by highly innovative and efficient Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) which automatically allocates power thus preserving battery life by 35%.

Other innovative feature includes a built-in Asus’s quick booting Express Gate operating system that can boot up in just 8 seconds. From the security point of view, a Facial recognition system is also provided that can be used to Log in. The models of N series are N10, N20, N80 and N50. N10 is a netbook or we can say, more than a netbook. It is powered by Intel Atom processor, has a 10.1 inch screen, 2 GB RAM, and a proper Geforce 9300 GPU. The N20 features a 12.1 inch screen and can deliver a battery life of around 12 hours. It also comes with Altech Lansing sound system and eSata hard drives to keep your data save in humid weather conditions.

The N50 and N80 are intended for business professionals. They come with a 15.4 inch and 14.1 inch screen. They are powered by Intel Core 2 Duo processors and can have RAM as much as 4GB and also includes a graphics card and an option for Blue Ray Disc. The N50 also comes with Multimedia Touchpad and back lit buttons. It also has Air Ionizer systems that promotes air flow and circulation.

They certainly offer a lot of choice for many tech-savvy professionals. No details about the availability and pricing is known.

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