Upcoming New Studio XPS Laptops From Dell: Studio XPS 13 and Studio XPS 15

29 August 2008 By Shashank

upcoming Dell New-Studio-XPS-13-image

Come November and you will be able to see some new additions to the XPS lineup, dubbed as the Studio XPS 13 and Studio XPS 15 , they are said to come equipped with Intel Montevina processors, slot load Blu-Ray drives with HDMI connections, Hybrid SLI, Biometric fingerprint reader, Facial recognition, Backlit keyboard, Fully wireless support which includes Mobile Broadband, Bluetooth and WiMax. The exact details are still uncertain but as Dell is revamping the XPS series after a long time expect to see some great features in a power packed premium unit.

Dell--New-Studio-XPS15-Notebooks dellupcoming

via Softpedia[via Notebookreview]

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