Tab Mix Plus Update Problems with Firefox 3.0.1

24 August 2008 By Ankit Duseja

tmpFirefox 3.0.1 update has been in market for a few days now. As we reported earlier it caused conflicts with some add-on’s and rendered them useless. One of those is the Tab Mix Plus, an add-on which most of the Firefox users just can’t live without. Even I too didn’t updated Firefox to 3.0.1 particularly because of this add-on was not compatible with it.

Days past and we kept waiting but the add-on didn’t updated. Finally when I saw that Firefox 3.0.1 is a must have update as it has solved the problem of Firefox crashes, thus updating Firefox was necessary, I headed over to Mozilla Add-on’s to find out the problem and here is the solution and reason, why Tab Mix Plus Add-on (TMP) didn’t updated.

For those who still don’t know about this so-great add-on yet, TMP or Tab Mix Plus enhances tabbing features of Firefox on a great scale. It makes managing and using of tabs in Firefox in a buttery way. It sports features like:

  • Duplicating tabs
  • Controlling tab focus
  • Tab clicking options
  • Undo closed tabs and windows
  • A full-featured session manager

Tab Mix Plus is located here at Mozilla Add-on’s but since the release of Firefox 3, the TMP developer have not updated the add-on there. TMP for Firefox 3.0.1 has been released at TMP forums but it didn’t got automatically updated. The problem is found within the add-on as the update source is not functional currently.

So if you are a Tab Mix Plus fan, simply update your add-on now and continue using the add-on with safer Firefox 3.0.1 update. Download Tab Mix Plus (Latest Dev-Build).

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