Plica Concept Phone : Two Times iPhone

2 August 2008 By Madhur


Plica 1

There are a lot of nice concepts about mobile phones, watches, keyboard that we have seen. But this one here is surely beautiful and different. Plica literally means folding of a body part, and that’s the concept used in this namesake phone. It features 2 screens where one side is used as a touch screen keyboard and the other as a touch monitor. This concept may remind you of iPhone, or a Nintendo DS or a hybrid.


Plica 2

But we can see that Plica phone concept is trying to offer a better design compared to iPhone which has many complains on its size of the interface, which is too small for some people’s hand. One good thing is that the screens are able to work together as a single display, adding up to the browsing experience. You can view a single web page or image across both the screens. A big touch screen gives more surface area to use, as the keys are not so cramped. It looks like a mini laptop inside a mobile phone. For better design integrity, the USB and headphone ports have been placed in the double hinge. The Plica dual touchscreen phone works great even when half of it is used, as a phone and Internet device. It has been designed by James Piatt and it definitely looks like he has made a masterpiece.


Plica 3

One good thing about the design is that it can be made easily today with the available technology. Imagine a phone like this with a 10 MP camera, GPS etc and what not.It can become a lot famous if it is approved for manufacturing. So what do you think ?

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Shashank says:

Cool Concept .. this might be the iphone killer if it gets to manufacturing

Ashutosh Sharma says:

The iPhone has not yet come to India and we are talking of the Plica. Great news. The article was good and looking forward to its commercial manufacture. Do keep me posted on the developments.

Chandra says:

This concept looks awesome. I mean you will 2 iPhones in 1 phone. cool. I love this concept. Hope this will take over iPhone in future.


  1. Plica Concept Phone
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