Nvidia’s New GeForce 9400GT based Graphics Card: Starting $59( Rs 2500)

30 August 2008 By Shashank


If you think good graphics processing power comes at high price than have a look at the all new Nvidia’s GeForce 9400GT which is a low cost alternative to integrated GPUs. The cards using the 9400GT chips are expected to start from $59 onwards and will go upto 90$( Rs 3800). With that price tag it gives 16 unified shader pixel-processing cores, all running at 1400MHz while the GPU as a whole ticks over at 550MHz. That’s good for 4.4bn texels per second of graphics processing power.The new GPU from Nvidia has a standard complement of 512MB of memory connected over a 128-bit bus and clocked to 400MHz.

The GeForce 9400 supports HD video codecs and Nvidia’s PhysX physics processing technology. It’ll support HDMI through an adaptor connected to boards’ DVI ports, with sound routed through an SPDIF link.

Some of the manufacturers who will using the new GeForce 9400 GT chips are:

MSI, Palit, Galaxy, Gigabyte Technology,   Innovision, PC Partner/Zotac, PNY, Point  of View, Unika, Unitek, Asus , SUS, BFG, Colorful, Emtek, EVGA, Gainward,and XFX.

Cards have already started pouring in :

Leadtek WinFast PX9400 GT graphics card

Leadtek WinFast PX9400 GT graphics card

Albatron 9400GT-512 graphics card

Albatron 9400GT-512 graphics card

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