LED Rainbow Colored Keyboard for just $200

6 August 2008 By Ankit Duseja


ThinkGeek, an amazing innovative developer group have launched  A85C Luxeed Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard which has 430 LED’s to reflect the colors of a rainbow. It allows various types of customizations of adjusting different colors for different keys. It is bundled with a special software which lets you define different patterns of light and shapes formation on keyboard. You can also set the option to light up the keys only when they are pressed.

It is available in two colors black & white. White one looks much better as when the LED’s light up the whole white semi-transparent key glows rather than just the printed letters being illuminated as seen in the black one’s. Currently the bundled software is only supported for windows, so there is no mac juice tasted yet.


Also there is extra numeric pads for those who want the extra comfort. But the lightning magic is only limited till the keyboard which means the added numeric pad does not have LED’s & it won’t light up.  The price is little high but after getting the real experience in dark, it won’t hurt your pockets. It is available for $200 U.S. which is nearly ~8400 INR. The additional numeric pads cost $35 or more.

[via ThinkGeek]

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    Nirmal says:

    Just $200? A keyboard for $200 is it worth? 🙂

    Ankit Duseja says:

    @ Nirmal
    Its worth only for rich people who just want the style! 😉

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