iPhone in India – Prices Unveiled – Kills the Joy

20 August 2008 By Ankit Duseja

In past few months, iPhone fever almost hit every country. Every one was excited about its availability and what will be the price of the handset in their region. iPhone fever also struck India, guesses were being made about the price of iPhone in India.

Vodafone and Airtel, both are launching the iPhone on August 22 this month but they have shocked everyone with their sky-touching prices. We expected that the iPhone will cost a little higher than the rates ($199 for 8GB & $299 for 16GB) provided by Apple but this has turned a long way round. The 8GB & 16GB models are priced at whooooping Rs 31,000 ($710) and Rs 36,100 ($820) respectively which is more than 3x the cost given by Apple. Sounds tough? The data plans are even more hard.

Airtel has not yet announced their plans, but Vodafone has given another shock. Vodafone data plans ranges between Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 per month for postpaid users but still it lacks unlimited data plan. The starting plan for prepaid users is from Rs. 100 but it offers no free data usage. This is not the end of the disaster, you will also have to pay Rs. 5 per MB for additional data usage. I don’t feel like paying this amount for an edge network in any case.

So lets figure out the total yearly cost on a higher end – Rs. 36000 for handset, then Rs. 12000 yearly rent, then the your call charges which could vary upon your usage. Let’s take an average of Rs. 400/month or nearly Rs. 5000 annually. Adding the above it gets 53,000 for first year, and 17,000 for the next following years. That’s not it you even have to pay the taxes and additional data usage fee (if you exceed the limit).

It again makes the way for “gray market” which can provide unlocked iPhone’s for nearly the same price of handset, but can be hooked up with any network and data plan.

If this is contrasted with an N96 or HTC Touch Pro or an “unlocked iPhone”, I will surely opt for one of them with Airtel’s unlimited data plan (edge-based) for only Rs. 300 per month.

Vodafone has stated out the their sky plans, lets wait and watch what Airtel brings for us. I am thinking why shouldn’t get a new bike rather than buying “The iPhone”. 😉

UPDATE 1: Airtel gives no relief either – 31,000 for 8GB & 36,100 for 16GB same as Vodafone Prices. Hey guys! Did we expected a price war between the two? Neither Vodafone nor Airtel is interested to have a price war currently. They just wanna wipe the top cream layer of iPhone crazy guys at such high prices.

If you want to buy an iPhone, you should wait a little its price going to come down surely. But When? God knows or the two companies!

UPDATE 2 : Just after 2 days of official launch Vodafone has slashed the price of iPhone in India by Rs 2,000 on 8 GB and 16GB model.

New iPhone Pricing in India:

iPhone 8 GB  : Rs 29,000

iPhone 16 GB:  Rs 34,000

Airtel has still not declared any price cuts.

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ritesh says:

if you feel iPhone is overpriced in India then go to http://overpricediphoneindia.wordpress.com/ and register your Disappointment. 👿 👿
Please spread this news to your friends and make a difference for you and India. 🙄 🙄

Shashank says:

iphone isn’t really a value for money in India…its better to get a separate mobile and then buy ipod touch which is iphone minus calling features,3G,Camera(which is almost unusable in iphone as you cannot shoot videos with it), Bluetooth( again with the bluetooth in iphone you cannot share files with your friends), ipod touch has everything that attracts you to the iphone. This way you will be getting a better value for money

For those who still want to go for iPhone they should better wait for the upcoming festive season, there will be sure price reduction.

Ankit Duseja says:

Post Updated – Airtel also wants the cream of hot iPhone market to be wiped away at this big prices. No price war to be seen either.

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