Intel’s Next Gen Nehalem Architecture Gets Named: ‘Intel Core i7’

11 August 2008 By Shashank

Intel Core i7

Intel has now officially confirmed the name of its future processor chips based on Nehalem architecture to be called ‘Core i7’. The new Intel Core i7 will be the seventh generation of Intel architecture since the 8086 days. It is said to be available in two editions: the Regular  Core i7 and the high performing Extreme Intel Core i7  . More on i7 series after the jump.

Features of the Intel Core i7  lineup:

  • Dual-core and Quad-core mainstream processors
  • Point-to-point connections between the processor and peripherals using QuickPath interconnect system.
  • On-die memory controller
  • Can handle more than 4 threads at once, means faster speeds
  • Advanced Hyperthreading technology will utilize the threads to do even more work

Extreme Edition Intel Core i7 logo

Extreme Intel Core i7

Regular Intel Core i7  logo

Intel Core i7

The release date of i7 processors is expected to be towards the end of 2008 followed by mobile equivalents of i7 for laptops in early 2009.

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Ankit Duseja says:

Well the new technology is nice but as I think Intel should work on the heating problems rather than embedding new technology. As all of us know that the dual-core & quad-core processors heat at a very steady rate.

With my personal experience, I cant keep my laptop (which is having a dual-core processor) on my laps for much time as its heat very rapidly.

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