HP TouchSmart IQ500 Series PC Rolled Out in India

15 August 2008 By Madhur


HP Touchsmart

HP India is has launched The IQ500 touch smart PC in the Indian market. It offers a unique computing experience and may redefine the way users browse the PC. The HP TouchSmart PC is an entertaining and engaging touch-enabled PC with a 22-inch display. The elegant and slim “all-in-one” design includes HP TouchSmart software, making it fun and easy to access photos, videos and music.

It defines a new way for people to engage with computers and their photos, music, movies and other digital content. Users can simply touch, tap or sweep a finger across the screen of the TouchSmart PC to access information, entertainment and social networks in a natural, intuitive way. Even without using a keyboard or mouse, users can play music and create playlists, edit and share photos and easily watch TV. The all-in-one design allows the PC to fit anywhere in the room. The PC’s piano-black finish and sleek design makes it an elegant addition to any room.

It requires only a power cord for set up and combines a 22-inch diagonal, high-definition widescreen display with a powerful, energy-efficient Intel Core 2 Duo processor in a single, integrated design. Not only that, it comes with Windows Vista Basic,4 GB of RAM and a Nvidia card. Its Nvidia GeForce 9300M GS card is quick enough to run high-definition movies, and even games at low detail settings. It comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse, built-in wireless LAN and Bluetooth.

It will be available in India at the price of Rs 87,500 plus taxes. Wish i had that much money. This product is definitely unique.

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Bharat Mistry says:

Please give me information for the same and where do i get in MUMBAI. I do work on cad as well as in graphic designing


manish says:

i m deal in computer sale & service pleas send price with delaver the scree time
(HP Touchsmart IQ00 series )

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