Hitachi Launches HD Blu-Ray SDHC Hybrid Camcorder

12 August 2008 By Ankit Duseja

Hitachi has launched the next version of their Hybrid Camcorder-DZ-BD10HA which can record Full High-Definition Video (1920 x 1080) to the internal 30 GB HD or on a SDHC card or on a BD (Blu-ray Disk). The amazing thing is it offers one-touch conversion and recording from HD or SDHC to Blu-ray. It can even write onto the vanilla DVD’s & the best thing is that it doesn’t need a computer to perform all these job. It sports an inbuilt Blu-ray writer which makes shooting and storing very easy.


This is the second hybrid camcorder from Hitachi which is 20% smaller in size than its predecessor DZ-BD7HA hybrid model. It has also got Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) which stabilizes the camera shakes producing the most sharp picture possible. It has also got 7 Mega Pixel CMOS censor & Face Detection technology to make your shooting experience a classic one.

This versatile camera can record the Full HD Video onto three popular storage formats – HD, Blu-ray, SDHC card. It also provides dubbing from one format to another at just a click of few buttons without the need of a computer. It features some editing options too, so overall making the whole recording process easy and less-time consuming.

It features a very new 7 Mega Pixel CMOS censor which is designed to produce the high resolution video with effective 4.67 Mega Pixels which makes the pictures vibrant and extremely clear. The Face Detection offers a crispy sharp images & true-to-life colors. The camcorder can also capture 6.22 mega pixel stills onto an optional SD or SDHC card.

Finally you are concluding that every thing is good in here, but the only which we didn’t liked is its price. The camcorder is already available for sale in market of Japan and will reach North America in September 2008. The 30 GB Hard Disk model with inbuilt Blu-ray writer, DZ-BD10HA is available for $999. Keep that $1 change as you will need it to buy the BD’s also.

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