D-Link Launches GVC-3000 Video Phone for India

17 August 2008 By Ankit Duseja

d-link-logo D-Link has launched a video phone which is basically targeted for the Indian Market. This phone has got some serious video conferencing features which make it a complete next generation video phone. It also supports TV-out and can connect to projectors for a bigger picture. The phone is being launched only in India and will be available from next month.


The main reason it is being basically targeted for India is that this phone can even perform well at only 128kbps bandwidth connection. While other video-phones are mostly found hungry for high bandwidth. Mr Jangoo Dalal, CEO and Managing Director of D-Link India said, the phone is substantially cheaper than the imported video-phones available in India.

The phone has been developed by D-Link India Pvt. Ltd. in India itself at the Research & Development Lab in Banglore and is being manufactured in Goa. It is nice to see that Indian Technology is improving and we are getting good Indian products which are beating the international breeds. D-Link is looking forward to sell 10,000 phones by December 2009 and is basically targeting medium and small size business groups.

The company also has plans to launch another model after two months which will support third party video-conferencing facility. The phone will be available from September 2008 and will be sold between Rs 23,000 and Rs 25,000 INR. The low cost, less bandwidth consumption, gives this phone a clear green signal for the Indian market.

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