ASUS Pulse: The Life Saving Mouse

11 August 2008 By Ankit Duseja


As the name says it all, ASUS has introduced a new mouse named “Pulse” which actually monitors your heart pulse rate in real time while you are working with it. It is a right handed mouse which works wirelessly. The connection range is of 10 meters which is normal but its only compatible of Windows PC. Good looks, customizable buttons are the added addon’s to this life-saving mouse.

The scroll wheel is given a good grip with linear pattern. The company claims that the mouse provides a very long battery life of up to five months on just two AA size batteries, but the actual backup will surely differ. It uses 2.4G wireless transmission technology and 1200dpi laser precision positioning sensors which makes it sensitivity much better. It also sports five programmable buttons to launch your favorite application quickly.

Its not only heavy on features but the ASUS guys have also maintained the smart looks & comfort in their mouse. Its has smart black looks with silver frame dug in the middle. Also when you view the pulse on your screen it shows smiley icons on the side according to your condition.

No idea on cost yet. Also the product page is currently available in Chinese. Here is the translated version of the page through Google Translate.

Surely this mouse is not for every one but it is something really good for heart patients as it will let you keep browsing on your PC without thinking about your health. People spend a lot of money on their health, then why not buy a gadget which can really save their life.

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