Samsung X360

Samsung’s wowed the crowds at the IFA 2008, with their X360 notebook, which can be a serious rival to the MacBook Air. Samsung says that there new product is “lighter than Air,” meaning, in direct reference to Apple’s MacBook Air, which was released in January 2008. Continue Reading →


If you think good graphics processing power comes at high price than have a look at the all new Nvidia’s GeForce 9400GT which is a low cost alternative to integrated GPUs. The cards using the 9400GT chips are expected to start from $59 onwards and will go upto 90$( Rs 3800). With that price tag it gives 16 unified shader pixel-processing cores, all running at 1400MHz while the GPU as a whole ticks over at 550MHz. That’s good for 4.4bn texels per second of graphics processing power.The new GPU from Nvidia has a standard complement of 512MB of memory connected over a 128-bit bus and clocked to 400MHz.

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upcoming Dell New-Studio-XPS-13-image

Come November and you will be able to see some new additions to the XPS lineup, dubbed as the Studio XPS 13 and Studio XPS 15 , they are said to come equipped with Intel Montevina processors, slot load Blu-Ray drives with HDMI connections, Hybrid SLI, Biometric fingerprint reader, Facial recognition, Backlit keyboard, Fully wireless support which includes Mobile Broadband, Bluetooth and WiMax. The exact details are still uncertain but as Dell is revamping the XPS series after a long time expect to see some great features in a power packed premium unit.

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Sony Cybershot T500 Front

Sony has unveiled a device that will allow users to take full advantage of the respective HDTVs’ features. The new Cyber-shot T500 is actually capable of recording video clips at a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution (known as 720p) and then displaying them directly on a TV screen. The movie function is based on the MPEG4 AVC/H.264 codec for video compression and stereo audio. Benefits of the format include high-quality video as well as small file sizes that are easy to download, upload and share. Continue Reading →


Canon Powershot E1

Canon USA has launched the Powershot E1, which is made especially keeping the teens requirements in mind. It is stylish and easy-to-use and is targeted for the teen and tween markets. Now whether taking photos with a “BFF” at a slumber party, snapping shots while watching a hot band perform or capturing cap-and-gown moments for a scrapbook, the Canon PowerShot E1 will deliver the right combination of intuition and style. Continue Reading →


HTC S740

HTC Corp. has announced the introduction of the HTC S740, a slim, compact, and stylish smartphone that provides the perfect combination of a traditional 12-key phone design with HTC’s signature sliding QWERTY keyboard for optimal messaging. It features the striking styling seen on HTC’s Touch Diamond consumer phone, introduced earlier this year. Continue Reading →


Albatron Tee PC

Albatron, a Taiwan-based company specializing in designing and developing NVIDIA-based motherboards and graphics cards, as well as industrial motherboards, DRAM modules and other audio-related products will also be making its debut in the portable computer systems market with the release of its first mini Tablet PC called the Albatron Tee PC. Continue Reading →



Casio has announced that it is going to expand it camera lineup with the addition of EX-Z300, EX-Z250 and EX-Z285 to the Exilim family. The 10.1 effective megapixel EXILIM Zoom EX-Z300 and the 9.1 effective megapixel EXILIM Zoom EX-Z250 both deliver beautiful high resolution images and outstanding functionality made possible by a new Casio imaging engine for high speed image processing. The 9.1 effective megapixel EXILIM Zoom EX-Z85 camera features a stylish design and is packed with innovative features users would want. Continue Reading →


iPhone surely must have been a big hit around the world but not in India. The major factor people considers which will make it fail is its price. But wait it’s not only the price, there’s lot more. I have figured out some points why to buy and why not to buy an iPhone in India. Check them out.

10 Reasons why not to buy an iPhone:

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tmpFirefox 3.0.1 update has been in market for a few days now. As we reported earlier it caused conflicts with some add-on’s and rendered them useless. One of those is the Tab Mix Plus, an add-on which most of the Firefox users just can’t live without. Even I too didn’t updated Firefox to 3.0.1 particularly because of this add-on was not compatible with it.

Days past and we kept waiting but the add-on didn’t updated. Finally when I saw that Firefox 3.0.1 is a must have update as it has solved the problem of Firefox crashes, thus updating Firefox was necessary, I headed over to Mozilla Add-on’s to find out the problem and here is the solution and reason, why Tab Mix Plus Add-on (TMP) didn’t updated.

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