WordPress Launches Blogging App for iPhone

11 July 2008 By Ankit Duseja

ss1 WordPress has released the expected iPhone app this morning. It allow users of WordPress.com and the WordPress self hosted blogs to blog directly from their iPhone. The other blogging app released today is TypePad. These applications make mobile blogging a whole lot easier. Also live blogging can be done via these apps without any hitch. WordPress posted a video on their new iPhone blog featuring the cool things you can do with the “WordPress for iPhone” app.

You start with providing your blog details to the app. You can start a new post or edit your current one’s. The WordPress app can integrate pictures taken from the iPhone’s camera or from the iPhone library. After furnishing your post you can tweak post options of the post like “Status”, “Time” etc. You can also specify keywords or tags for your post or mark them in proper category. You can also schedule a post from the app itself.Finally you can publish it to blog or save it as a draft in your iPhone. “WordPress for iPhone” was expected to be at iTunes App store today but no shadow of it is found at the store yet.

UPDATE: The app is now live at App Store.
UPDATE 2: This App will only work with WordPress 2.5 or higher (for WordPress self-hosted blogs).

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sampan says:

I like iphone-sony

great news for iphone lovers

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