WordPress 2.6 is Ready to Blow your Mind!

15 July 2008 By Ankit Duseja

WordPress just released a new version. As expected it is having Turbo feature with lots of other useful improvements. Some of the very cool & useful improvements have been made like Turbo feature, Post Revisions, Theme Previews, Press This & much much more. If you are running a WordPress blog, don’t dare to miss this upgrade. We tested all the new features and have pointed them below. WordPress guys poured a video too for this release. Check it below:

To make the changes very clear, I have written them in points:

  • Go Gears, Go Turbo: WordPress has integrated Google Gears into WordPress but this change is just for the authors as visitors will not even have a taste of it yet. Also this time Gears has not been used for taking the WP panel offline but to increase its speed. But when I really tested it, the speed can’t be called turbo but yes it is faster than the previous. Still it needs a lot of improvement to match the “Turbo” word.
  • Press This: Finally WordPress has finally got it making the tumblelogging easy. This was the much awaited one in WordPress from long time. It is very useful when you accidentally discover a thing while surfing the web. Browsing a video on Youtube or a picture on flickr, just press the bookmarked “Press This” button an it will automatically embed the video or picture you were viewing. Its speed is also quite good and this makes WordPress perfect tumblelogging tool.
  • Post Revisions: This is a surprise feature from WordPress. It shows more detailed information or rather you call it versions of your post when it was edited & saved. It also shows which author edited the post & when. You can compare and then restore changes made in two builds of the post.
  • Theme Previews: When you are designing a new theme for your blog, most of you set up a trial blog and build & test themes there. WP 2.6 gets this load down as you can check how the new theme looks at your own blog before readers can watch it.
  • Word Count: This plugin reminds the author about the words he/she has typed for a post.
  • Image Captions.
  • Drag & Drop re-ordering of galleries.
  • Customizable default avatars.
  • There are lots more. See here.
  • Also this release fixes 194 bugs (huh! that is a huge number!).

Now this what we call a true blogging environment. Well really if this is WordPress 2.6 then I just can’t make out what will be in WordPress 3! Or just try imagining the 10th version. Superb isn’t it?

Download WordPress 2.6.

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