WebApps Mania: Twitter still leads Friendfeed!

6 July 2008 By Ankit Duseja

twitter-friendfeed Today Michael Arrington made an interesting post on Twitter Vs. Friendfeed. While he included that friendfeed users are growing much faster than twitters but the traffic charts are showing a different story here. The charts reveal that friendfeed still has a long way to go. The young competitor does not even have 1/4th the traffic of Twitter.

Well in terms of features Friendfeed is far ahead from Twitter. I started using friendfeed regularly a few days ago and now I feel like I am getting addicted to it. It just gets my all updates in a single page. Also watching out friends updates in real time is a good fun. Friendfeed is gathering twice the comments that are made on Twitter on a same story published on both but still it is low on traffic.



The graphs reveal a different story. Twitter still rules in terms of traffic. Alexa reports that Twitter gathered 0.0921% with 5.98 page views per user of the whole Internet traffic while the friendfeed is still stuck on 0.0045% with 4.8 page views per user as compared on 3 months average. I could hardly locate friendfeed in graph when comparing it with twitter.

The jump you see in twitter traffic this year is because Twitter IM services went down. Thus twitter IM addicts were also thrown back to the main Twitter web interface resulting a jump in twitter traffic.

Catch me on Twitter, Friendfeed.

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