The World’s Smallest USB Flash Drive ?

8 July 2008 By Madhur

Smallest USB drive

As time is passing, the size of the devices are becoming smaller while the features are increasing. The same can be said about USB drives. Seven years ago, who would have thought that they will be able to store around gigs of data on such a small device. Now here comes the Pico USB flash drive which claims to be the smallest Flash Drive in the world.

Though it is as small as a finger tip, it has a massive capacity of storing upto 8 GB of data which is quite impressive at such a small size. It even looks quite cool with a polished chrome finish. Not only this, but this tiny device is also shock and water resistant, your data will remain secure under bad conditions. Specification wise, it measures only 31.3mm x 12.4mm x 3.4mm. It features a 200X speed of around 30MB/second. And what else, it is compatible with Windows, Linux as well as Mac.

This small device with 8 GB capacity is priced at $49.99. Not that much considering the size and capacity. Many people might doubt it claims to be the smallest USB flash drive though the it certainly claims so, but still it is quite impressive and trendy. In this new age, the trend of smaller devices seems to getting a lot popular.

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Keron Calame says:

With a usb so small won’t it get stucked in the usb port? lol 🙂 Well i don’t think it will hold that position for long to how technology is being developed nowadays

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