Thanko’s Cooling Keyboard and Cooling Mouse

28 July 2008 By Madhur



Thanko Cooler Mouse

Thanko is well known for its innovative products. This time, they have released innovative keyboard and mouse for people who tend to get there palm all sweaty when working on a computer. The mouse and keyboard are equipped with fans to keep the palms cool.

The mouse which you see above is the 5 button optical USB mouse which has an inbuilt fan to keep you hands cool during long working hours or on hot summer days. The mouse sucks air through the bottom and blows it out directly onto the palm.  When you’re cool enough, you can just shut off the tiny fan and use it as a normal mouse.  The mouse has five different buttons and the extras can be programmed to suit your needs. The mouse costs $19 which isn’t bad considering it keeps your palm cool. Good for those who can’t afford air conditioning.


 Thanko Keyboard

It isn’t the only cooling gadget that they have made. They have also come up with a keyboard that has got 3 cooling fans. If you are using the Thanko keyboard with built in fan, just turn on the switch located on the front of keyboard for cool strong blow of air. The built in three fans blows out strong cool air so as the sweaty palms get dried very fast. The Thanko Cooler USB keyboard measure 51 x 22 x 3.5 cm. It makes a good combo with the above mouse. Though it is good for humid conditions, its price is quite high. It is available for $62.

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