Rapidshare’s Captcha Gone, Speed Gets Limited

8 July 2008 By Shashank

There’s a good news for all the Rapidshare addicts out there, now you people can download your favorite files from Rapidshare without going through the Captcha verification, previously users have to enter a weird Captcha code by carefully looking at the cats and mouse to verify that you are indeed a human. As the Captcha is removed some limitations has popped up which restricts the download capability for free users to 500 kilobit per second(62.6 KB/s). This has been done to prevent the abuse of Rapidshare servers and to protect them from congestion and automated downloads.

Rapidshare search engines

Also Free Users will now be able to download and upload bigger files up to 200MB, Premium-users also profits from more flexibility regarding the download volume: It used to be limited to 10 gigabyte per day but now it can be “saved” to a maximum of 50 Gigabyte. The amount/volume that was not used is transferred to the following day automatically, up to a maximum of 50 gigabyte.

World’s biggest list of RapidShare Search Engines

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Gravity says:

hmm… 200mb file size is good plus the captcha removal… butt 62 kps per second is really slow =/

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