Microsoft Invents Sphere Display Technology: Just like Microsoft Surface

30 July 2008 By Shashank
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Previously we’ve seen this Microsoft Surface Technology which uses innovative touch gesture technology through which multiple people can interact, synchronize their mobile devices with ‘Surface’ at the same time. Now a bit similar to ‘Surface’, Microsoft has revealed a stunning ‘Sphere prototype’ which is a complete 360 degree globe fully touch sensitive device. The Sphere uses sophisticated combination of hardware and software technology to wrap images on its surface so that they look correct when projected onto dome.

The coolness quotient of this device is just amazing, it can be utilized to do a lot of cool things like viewing panoramas, resizing and sending photos to the other side of globe just by pressing on it and viewing Google Earth on it sounds awesome.  It uses infrared detectors to sense human hands and objects placed on the sphere to let people interact.

Perfect for 360Desktop isn’t it.  Via Seattleapi

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thank you for your response,i am very happy to subscribe this one,i need the “MICROSOFT INVENTS SPHERE DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY” & “BLACK BERRY” & “WI-FY” technologies full information please update me..

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