Microsoft in Deals with Apple Promoting MS Office 2008

22 July 2008 By Ankit Duseja


Mactopia is the promotional term which is being used by Microsoft for the mac section at Recently I saw Microsoft promoting Microsoft Office 2008 for Macs via advertisements on websites and blogs. They are offering up to 30% off on Office 2008 for mac’s with the purchase of any Mac. Microsoft now knows that they can’t survive alone in this competitive world thus they are passing on deals with other companies.

Below is the ad that is seen circulating on Internet promoting the mactopia offer. Microsoft has intelligently targeted Apple blogs and news sources for this ad. These ads will only appear on a page if it has something or the other related to Apple Macbook’s.


Microsoft has been signing up deals with many 3rd parties in this year. The fact has finally stuck the Microsoft’s mind that they cannot exist alone in the battle field for a longer period. Thus they are continuously working in either acquiring or passing on deals with the others leaders.

Even after multiple attempts like Windows Live, etc Microsoft failed to acquire much traffic in Web Services. The competitors like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay are leaving no chance for Microsoft to step-in properly in the Internet world.

Another proof of the statement is the well known Yahoo-Microsoft deal which unfortunately didn’t worked out. Even after the failure of this acquisition in first attempt, rumours reported that Microsoft is still in talk with Yahoo behind the scenes. Now after the failure of the Yahoo deal, Microsoft is approaching all mid-sized and big companies.

Checkout the Mactopia effect at

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