Keep Your Data Safe in Western Digital My Book Mirror Edition

4 July 2008 By Madhur

Western Digital My Book

If you are concerned about the safety of your precious data and don’t have enough time to take a backup, then Western Digital’s My Book Mirror Edition is just for you. The product has features of both a USB hard drive as well as of Network Attached Storage device. You can connect it to your PC using the USB port and it will automatically duplicate files across two hard drives.

Since this storage system stores all the data manually, you can be assured that your data will remain safe without you having to save it manually. It not only saves your data once, but twice across two hard drives. It is available in 1TB and 2TB versions. It uses the RAID technology to work by making an automatic mirror version of your data. The RAID 1 setup takes care of all the mirroring and users will be able to treat it like any other drive. But in this mode, half of the capacity will be taken by backup, So for 1TB you will actually get 500GB of space. However you can also use the RAID 0 configuration which will get you the full space but you won’t get any data redundancy.

Western Digital My Book 1

It is fanless and uses Western Digital’s GreenPower system for one-third less power consumption than rival twin-drive systems. It also comes with software for regular and incremental ongoing backups.  There’s also a capacity gauge on the front of the box, which indicates how much space remains. You can even open the enclosure and change the drives if you want to change the drives. It is priced here at Rs 16,500 which can be different depending on the capacity.

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