Jailbreak and Unlock Tool Pwnage 2.0 for iPhone OS 2.0 Revealed

20 July 2008 By Shashank


The iPhone development team has revealed the much anticipated Pwnage 2.0 version of its unlocking and jailbreaking software for iPhone and iPod Touch with firmware version 2.0. The all new Pwnage 2.0 can now easily jailbreak iPhones with OS 2.0 ( iPhone 3G), original iPhone and iPod Touch. The unlocking feature of the tool works with original iPhone and iPod Touch but not yet for iPhone 3G, means you can jailbreak iPhone 3G but cannot unlock your brand new iPhone 3G yet, the feature is pending release.

Youtube video :

YouTube Preview Image

Caution: Always backup your important data before using softwares like Pwnage 2.0

Helpful links

Download Pwnage 2.0 0- iphone-dev blog and iPhone Dev Team Portal

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