iPhone 3G Madness – The "Q" is ready a week before!

5 July 2008 By Ankit Duseja

iPhone Madness

iphoneline04We know that iPhone 3G is one of the biggest hit of the year but this is unbelievable. Engadget is reporting that the line for buying iPhone 3G is already up in front of Fifth Avenue Apple Store, New York. A family (including a baby) and some other people have already started a line outside the Apple Store.

The family is attempting to break the world record for waiting in a line. The intense thing is that baby is also there as part of the very eager family. However engadget has updated that baby is not going to stay all time there.

iPhone 3G is surely having many cool features like a Multi-Touch screen, blazing 3G speeds, lots of storage space, a new firmware, etc. but setting this kind of record is complete madness in our view. This is complete craziness!

I am just thinking, what if a announcement is made by Apple on July 11 “iPhone 3G launch has been delayed by a week more!”. 😉

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