India working on $10 Laptop

30 July 2008 By Ankit Duseja


The OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) Project has not yet been started properly and now there is new more cheaper project (Oh I think its the cheapest project) – The $10 Laptop. People around the world are still struggling to make OLPC $100 popular, whereas Indian Government is thinking to manufacture a laptop for just Rs. 420.

The government also plans to make available free bandwidth for education purposes to every Indian. It plans to use this bandwidth to build a “knowledge network” between and within institutions of higher learning in the country.

Two Indian institutes IIT (Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai) & IIS (Indian Institute of Science, Banglore) have paired up and are researching on $10 Laptop. The Indian Government is playing an active role this project. However if whenever they get success in this, it will surely mark a record in the history. Also it will be a boon for students and Indian education.

No specifications of the $10 Laptop is currently available but what one can expect from a so-cheap laptop. Even a pen-drive is costlier than this laptop!

India did not signed up for the OLPC project however Reliance Telecommunications is trying to get in that. In the coming years, we are surely going to see the cheap laptop dream turning into a reality. Its good to watch dreams – so what’s next? $1 Laptop or just free?

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ikjinder says:

provide these laptops to cbse board also plzzzz.

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