Googlers Personal Data Stolen!

3 July 2008 By Ankit Duseja

data-security Colt Express Outsourcing Services which previously used to manage Google employees data had gone through a robbery on May 26. The computers were stolen which contained un-encrypted data that Colt claimed to be password protected of the employees who worked for Google till December 31, 2005.

This included the employees names, address, contact numbers, etc. But amazingly no case of the misuse of data in any sense has appeared yet.

Danny Thorpe, a ex-employee at Google currently working with Microsoft said that Google is offering to cover the cost of a one-year subscription to a credit report and identity theft-monitoring service.

Not only Google but an uncounted number of companies data has been stolen in the burglary. The Colt company do not have the resources, financial and otherwise, to assist the affected companies further.

[via Cnet, image source: BBC]

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Olivia says:

Hello, I am a student from Clemson University. Could I use the data/security photo shown above for an educational video about cybercrime?

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