Firefox 3.0.1 Update can Cause Add-on Problems

20 July 2008 By Ankit Duseja

Firefox released a security update on 16th July 2008. This is the first update ever released for Firefox 3 thus it has caused some problems with the add-on’s. This updated version is known as Firefox 3.0.1 and includes some security fixes for Firefox 3 but when the developers were rushing for writing the plugin’s for Firefox 3, some of them missed out the star (*) in the sub-version field. Instead they wrote 3.0.0 or simply 3.0 which is causing this add-on’s incompatibility.


You can detect which of your add-on’s will stop working before installing the update. Follow the simple steps below:

  • From menu bar click on “Help”.
  • Then select “Check for Updates”.
  • A window will open yelling about the update. If there are issues with any of your add-on’s then it will show a light yellow block below.
  • Click on “Show list” to view the incompatible add-on’s.

Mozilla’s team is currently contacting the developers and asking them to please release update for their plugin’s which fixes this problem. This update also fixes several stability issues but getting this update can make some of your good features of Firefox provided by the extensions being disabled. So you have to chose weather to update and fix stability and security issues with Firefox 3.0 or continue till your add-on’s are fixed.

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Vaan says:

wonderfull… the developer of the addons are very slow xD i’m wating for “Better Gmail 2”, “Greas Monkey” and “WebMailNotifier” since the realeas of FF 3.0.1 -.-

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