Creative Launches Two New Players

29 July 2008 By Madhur


Creative Zen Mosaic

Creative has launched two new personal media players in the market. One is the Creative Zen Mosaic while the other is Creative Zen Krystal which looks like the next version of Creative Zen Stone plus.

Lets take a look at Creative Zen Mosaic which is shown above. It has a rather chic/mosaic design for a small PMP, and include MP3/WMA playback as well as Windows Media DRM 10 support. The design of the player stays true to its name, having an assortment of grey and black titles across the front. Though it definitely looks like a collection of 20 rubber button out of which only 9 are functional. The player is fairly similar to the ZEN V series, but increases the screen size to 1.8″ and adds a built-in speaker. It supports AVI video formats and allows users to view Jpeg images. It has a voice recording feature and an integrated FM radio. It also has a Microsoft Outlook 4 ToDo list and appointment calendar, address book and syncing, so users can have all their schedules stored. The Mosaic weighs in at just 43g and has dimensions of 79.5×40.0×12.8mm. It’s available in 3 capacities – 8GB, 4GB and 2GB. One notable improvement is in battery life. The Mosaic will provide 32 hours of audio playback. It has 8 EQ presets and a custom 5 band manually adjustable graphic EQ as well as Smart Bass Boost. The ZEN Mosaic is currently selling at Singapore (and Japan) at prices ranging from 99 to 169 dollars, or roughly 73 to 124US dollars.


Creative Zen Krystal

The second player that Creative has released is the Creative Zen Krystal. It has a 0.7 inch OLED display that looks like it’s behind a clear crystal surface. The player looks pretty ordinary, but it does have some tricks up it’s sleeve. The 4GB player is a sports player that brings the sports features of the Stone Plus some steps further and integrates a pedometer that tracks your running speed, distance and calories burnt. It also comes with a few preloaded games. It will also have 10 hours of battery life, stopwatch, radio, clock and voice recorder. Its accessories include a pouch and wristband on top of the standard ear-buds and USB cable, so it should be ready to use for anyone looking for a workout player. The pricing details has not been announced yet but it will be somewhere around $110.

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