Apple Rolls Out iTunes 7.7 & iPhone 2.0

10 July 2008 By Ankit Duseja

The iPhone 2.0 firmware is finally out with new iTunes. Not only it features the new app store but a whole lot of things are there. Those who have already bought an iPhone (1st generation) and are not willing to buy a new one (iPhone 3G) can still make out much from their existing iPhone/iPod Touch.


The iTunes Store possess both free and paid applications featuring Games to Productivity apps. Major socializing groups like Facebook, MySpace have already rolled out their app for iPhone. You can send messages, view profiles, chat with friends via facebook app directly from your iPhone/iPod Touch. NYTimes also rolled an application for their daily newsletter.

Though we didn’t got Orkut in the iPhone socializing applications list but Google also rolled out an app “Google Mobile”. Their Google’s homepage do possess a separate version for iPhone but this app makes googling quite easier. It sports features like instant search as you type, call the phone numbers directly, etc.

Some other applications like Internet Radio, eReader (an e-book reader), Light (turns your iPhone into a Flash light) makes your life with iPhone much easier.

iPhone 2.0 has the ability of taking the capture of the screen of your iPhone. Holding down the “Home Button” and then pressing “Lock Button”, flashes your screen and puts your screen image in camera’s roll images.

The iPhone 2.0 update can be installed on 1st generation iPhone’s/iPod Touch via iTunes. Just update your iTunes to the latest version (7.7) and connect your iPhone/iPod touch. You can purchase/download these applications directly from iPhone or from iTunes store.

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