Fabrik Eco-Friendly Drive

As time passes, most of the companies are focused on making there products energy efficient as well as Eco friendly. And going green can also serve for a better looking gadget as can be seen from Fabrik external drive. Fabrik is claiming the title of the World’s most Eco friendly external drive with the launch of SimpleTech [re]drive. The company also claims that it can cut energy usage by upto 90% over some competitors. Continue Reading →


The OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) Project has not yet been started properly and now there is new more cheaper project (Oh I think its the cheapest project) – The $10 Laptop. People around the world are still struggling to make OLPC $100 popular, whereas Indian Government is thinking to manufacture a laptop for just Rs. 420.

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Dell Studio PC

Desktop PCs are not generally eye catching but Dell wants to change all that with there new Studio Hybrid PC. The PC is here to make an impression with its stylish design which is quite un-PC-like. It has got an oval shaped look and can be set up horizontally or vertically to fit in any room in any niche in the house. Continue Reading →

upcoming eee pc from asus

Details unearthed about the possible/certain roadmap in which Asus is going to release a total of 23 slightly-highly different models of its Eee PC laptop range and i am sure that in the complete series you will definitely find your companion if not confused, Engadget chinese recently showcased a slide picture which reveals the future roadmap of the Asus Eee PC series. The upcoming Eee PC Laptops are divided into three segments: Continue Reading →

YouTube Preview Image

Previously we’ve seen this Microsoft Surface Technology which uses innovative touch gesture technology through which multiple people can interact, synchronize their mobile devices with ‘Surface’ at the same time. Now a bit similar to ‘Surface’, Microsoft has revealed a stunning ‘Sphere prototype’ which is a complete 360 degree globe fully touch sensitive device. The Sphere uses sophisticated combination of hardware and software technology to wrap images on its surface so that they look correct when projected onto dome. Continue Reading →


When you think about a web camera the first thing strikes your mind is a black round dot glaring at you embedded inside a round or cube like box having a wire at its back which connects the thing with the PC. Braking the current trend, Phillips has redefined the way that webcams exist currently with their new monster-spider shaped camera.

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Creative Zen Mosaic

Creative has launched two new personal media players in the market. One is the Creative Zen Mosaic while the other is Creative Zen Krystal which looks like the next version of Creative Zen Stone plus. Continue Reading →

cuil-logo Cuil (probably pronounced as cool) is a search engine which is built by some Ex-Googlers. Currently the main page on their site says that they have indexed 12161789299 web pages till now. It has started taking queries from public from today. Sounds Good but is it really? I don’t feel so.

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lg-kf600 We know that some cell-phone making companies like LG and Samsung use models for the launch and promotion of the products but this time there is something new. LG has renamed their phone KF600 with the name “Bikini”. The phone was announced in February 2008 and then released in March 2008 has now been renamed just after the two months of its launch to capture the youth market. The phone specifications are quite good as compared by other class-B phones. Continue Reading →



Thanko Cooler Mouse

Thanko is well known for its innovative products. This time, they have released innovative keyboard and mouse for people who tend to get there palm all sweaty when working on a computer. The mouse and keyboard are equipped with fans to keep the palms cool. Continue Reading →

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