The Incredible Hulk comes to Mobile Phones

15 June 2008 By Madhur


One of the most popular comic characters, “The Incredible Hulk” is soon going to find its way to your mobile phones. Hands-On mobile, a leading developers of mobile games along with Marvel Entertainment will bring the game on the mobile phone.

So if you have always dreamed of being the huge green creature, smashing walls, throwing cars, escaping the missiles by dodging them, then this game will definitely please you. You will get to witness all the actions and explosions as you hunt for a cure to the radiation based mutation that made Bruce Banner the “Incredible Hulk”. It will be an action adventure which will feature fully interactive and destructible environments and will follow the movie sequence. The game locations will be that of hidden factories in Brazil.

The movie released on June 13th and the game is also available from selected carriers around the World. Can’t wait to try it.

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