“The Bourne Conspiracy” Game Comes to Mobile

9 June 2008 By Madhur

Bourne Conspiracy

Vivendi Games is all set to release the mobile game titled “The Bourne Conspiracy” later this month. Recently they released the screenshots and the information regarding the game.

The game will be an action adventure game where you will get to interact with the envoronment and do things such as chucking out the fire extinguishers etc. You will be playing as the spy Jason Bourne, shooting bad guys, driving cars etc are things which you will do. Three special powers will also be provided that can be unlocked. The powers are “Slow Motion” , “Rage” and “Deadly Attack“. The game will take place in locations such as Zurich and Paris.

The game will have around 90 minutes of gameplay. And looking at the screenshots, it sure looks like a hit.

via Pocket Gamer

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