Teenagers killing the music industry

17 June 2008 By Ankit Duseja

A recent survey reports that an average teenager has more than 800 illegal tracks on his music player or iPod which is about 48% of total capacity 1750 songs. The teens habit of sharing new songs with friends puts the whole music industry in a black hole.


If this is just 48% for iPod’s which had only 4 gigs of memory then imagine about a teenager’s notebook which usually has storage space some where between 80 gigs – 160 gigs. And at an average over 35% of this storage is filled with music tracks only. The number of illegal tracks in teenager’s notebook gets countless.

Now imagine it India. The pirated music disks have got really cheap here. In an average music shop you can get a MP3 music disk for about half a dollar that is Rs.20 INR only which contains tracks of more than 16 albums. Each album having upto 8 songs. Now that makes a song cost only 15 paisa or $0.003 US dollar.

If you buy a original disk of an album, it costs about $2 or 80 INR containing 8 songs at an average. That means a song cost about Rs.10 INR per song or 25 cents which is 67 times more than pirated track.

Now the thing is if these music companies think of getting down the rates of their disk, then too its never possible to beat the pirated price.

[via Times online]

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Jenny says:

:grin:I’m a muscisian myself and it does make me angry, hey! Why don’t you find a way to stop it instead of wining about it!

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