Sony Ericsson F305 Gaming Phone leaked info

16 June 2008 By Madhur

Sony Ericsson F305

According to the leaked info, Sony Ericsson’s F305 is going to be a gaming phone. It will be a quad band GSM phone with EDGE network speeds.

If the Sony Ericsson’s unofficial blog is to be believed, this phone will enable you to use movements to play the games. It will come with three preloaded games that are Bowling, Jockey and Bass Finishing. To play Bowling, you will have to imitate the movement of a bowling ball in F305, quite similar to Nintendo Wii. It will also have a set of PlayStation type gaming keys just above the display as well a shortcut keys to games. It will also have a battery power pack CCP-100 when your battery is running low and you want to play for hours.

The measurement of the phone is 96 x 47 x 14.6 millimetres and it weighs just 97.5 grams. It has a 2-inch large TFT display with a resolution of 176 x 220 pixels, and up to 262k colours. It also has a music player capable of playing the most standard audio compression codecs. Memory can be expanded by using memory sticks. IT will also have a 2MP camera.

The phone is expected to be out by Q3 2008 and considering it is a low/mid end phone, the price tag will be low.

via Engadget 

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