Run your old DOS programs with config.sys settings on Xp, Vista

6 June 2008 By Ankit Duseja

dos-editor There are some DOS programs which requires some windows config settings to be changed for them to work properly. Mostly old computers have Windows 98 or Windows ME which by default used config.sys to read these settings. But the version of Windows released after Windows ME did not had config.sys file.

Thus most of the people had to unwillingly stick with old version of windows if their software making company did not released new version of their software for the next version of windows.

What we are actually doing is locating different windows config files in different OS. Suppose if you to change the below setting in the windows config file, below are the different locations & different file names for different Operating Systems:

Windows Version Filename Location (Default windows directory location assumed as c:\windows\)
98, ME config.sys c:\windows\
2000, Xp, Vista config.nt c:\windows\system32\

To edit these files, restart your system & keep pressing F5 in windows 98 or F8 key in Windows 2000 or later. Then select ‘Command Prompt or ‘Safe Mode with Command Prompt’. Now you will see a DOS screen. Type the below commands:

For windows 98, ME


edit config.sys

For Windows 2000, XP, Vista


edit config.nt

A notepad like editor will open edit the settings you need to change & then save it & shut down the computer. Wait for 30 seconds and then turn it back on. Now you have successfully edited the config file of windows & you can use some of the old DOS software’s on newer version of Windows.

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Haris says:

Thanks for the tip buddy! Now I’ll try running some old favourite DOS games 🙂

Great tip buddy. Now i can run The old Doom on Vista

oliver says:

downlodable main config dos software to windows xp pc


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