Nokia Announce E71 and E66

17 June 2008 By Madhur

Nokia E71 E66

Two new device have found its way to the Nokia Eseries range – The Nokia E71 and Nokia E66. These devices have been optimized for email and comes equipeed with easy to install and easy to use professional and personal mail. Users can access there email in real time and can even download word, powerpoint, pdf attachements to these phones.

Both of these phones support the Nokia IntelliSync Wireless email solution as well a third party email solutions like System Seven and Visto mobile. A new switch mode allows users to switch between personal and work screens. These devices support the latest Ovi services including maps, music and media sharing. Some of the features are HSDPA, wireless music, 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera nd support for upto 8GB expandable memory. They will also come with encryption facility and mobile VPN support.

The devices will be available from July and is expected to retail at Euro 350. Seems a cool phone for business oriented people who like to check there email on the go.

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