New Firefox to Release on Tuesday

13 June 2008 By Madhur


Firefox users have reasons to enjoy, a new version Firefox will be released on Tuesday which will have improvements in security, design and speed. It will have many enhancements related to “Bookmarks”. Now users will be able to sort the bookmarks according to the keywords and tags.

There will be a new feature called “Places” which will allow surfers to quickly access any website that they recently tagged or websites which they visit frequently and haven’t tagged or bookmarked. A Star button is present which allows you to quickly add websites to your bookmarks. The ability to resume downloads is also included. In terms of security, it will bock access to any websites which engages in “phishing”. It will also add protection from sites which distributes viruses and other malwares. The list of the sites will come from Google and

It will also feature some speed and design improvements. And Mozilla are also planning to set a new world record for most software downloads in a 24 hour period. The browser battle will resume as Microsoft will also launch IE 8 soon and Opera recently launched Opera 9.5 .

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