Intel Launches Atom Family of Processors

3 June 2008 By Madhur

Intel Atom Processor

Intel has today unveiled the Intel Atom family of processors that are made for an emerging class of devices called Netbooks and Nettops that will help bring the Internet to a million of new users around the world.

The Intel Atom processor is packed with 47 million transistors, each of which is based on an entirely new Micro-architecture which has been designed specifically for smaller devices with low power and measures less than 25mm. Netbooks and Nettops are compact mobile devices that first time Internet users, children and people who want an extra PC can use for some basic application like surfing, listening to music, email, playing online games etc.

Manufacturers such as HCL, Zenith and Wipro will be shortly launching Netbooks and Nettops which will be based on the Atom processor. This can sure promote the usage of computers and InternerĀ in rural areas.

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