Don’t forget to download Firefox 3 tomorrow!

16 June 2008 By Ankit Duseja

Being a huge Firefox fan, I would like to remind all of you that tomorrow is the Firefox 3 Download Day. Firefox has served as a very beautiful browser and has always maintained to be free of cost. Help Mozilla set a Gunnies record by downloading the Firefox 3 by tomorrow.

According to me, It is because of Firefox that people got comfortable with World Wide Web. Firefox’s simplicity gave users a new path to interact with Internet. Before Firefox it was one & only Internet Explorer which never gave this much simplicity & comfort neither it was much customisable. Firefox proved as a boon to both Internet as well as users.


Now they are in need of you, setting a record in Gunnies World Records Book. All you have to do is just download Firefox 3 within 17th June 2008. They are setting up a record of a most downloaded software in a day.

So just don’t dare to forget to download Firefox 3 tomorrow I.e. 17th June 2008! 😉

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Sam says:

Even better…. download Opera 9.5. It is definately worth a try. Feel free to download Firefox as well, but I am sure you will prefer Opera after trying out both.

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